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I've been thinking of doing this post for a long time. To put links to most of my more detailed concert reports in this one entry, to make it easier to keep track of for me, or easier to find in case someone wants to read them!
I'll put this at the top of my lj as a sticky post, and then edit it as more concert reports come along! (There are more short reports with my instant reactions right after concerts, or just short spazzy entries under the tag "concert report" in case you want to check it out!)

There are so many reports I haven't written yet... and it's been years already. :////

Tackey & Tsubasa reports!

Other Johnny's reports!

Non-Johnnys reports!

This is really making me remember how many reports there are that I totally forgot (or was too lazy!) to write. X_X I might write them one day (even though it'll be difficult to remember things in detail! X_X) but, I'll write down the ones I haven't written reports for yet, and maybe I'll remember to do it... eventually!

-Tsubasa's World Wing Tsubasa Premium 2007
-Tackey & Tsubasa's Matsuri concerts 2010
-Takki's Takizawa Kakumei in 2009,
-News Winter Party Diamond 2008
-News Live!Live!Live 2010
-SMAP super.modern.artistic.performance in 2008
-SMAP We Are SMAP in 2010
-ABC & Kis-my-Ft2 in 2008
-Kis-my-Ft2 spring 2010
-Arashi Time concert in Tokyo Dome, October 2007

For me, this means that I am never, ever allowed to not write a report again, when I realize how much from these shows that I've totally forgotten about. I need my reports to remember stuff! ;___;

Bunny bun bun

Surprise addition to my little family!

Please welcome cute litte Sakura! She is only 8 weeks old and super tiny and cute. She is a lion head/teddy mini lop, and an extremely fluffy one at that. She doesn't seem too nervous to have come to a new home, and she is already getting friendly with Usagi who happily shared his carrot with her.


Everyone... Meet Sakura. You may also call her Fluffy!

Her tiny little bow was a gift from the seller. Of course it doesn't harm her - if anything it's good for her to get rid of some of the hair in her eyes. <3

Usagi and Sakura appearently fell in love at first sight!

Oh, and since I forgot it yesterday...

Happy Christmas everyone!! From Sakura and santa-hat-wearing-Usagi! <3 and of course from me, the-crazy-bunny-lady, too. <3

Work work worketiwork!

I'm aliiiive! But I've been practically living at work during november-december, we've had so so much to do. So, that's why I've been rubbish at keeping in touch/getting back at your messages/emails/comments... I'm sorry! I expect things to get better as soon as Christmas comes around! <333


New Apartment!

I'm already back! I just realized I never posted the pictures I took of my new apartment! : DDD It took a lot of work but I was finally done with (almost) everything about two weeks ago, and so far I can say that I really, truly adore living here. The neighbours are nice, the way to work is okay even though it's quite a bit further away than my previous apartment and... as for the apartment itself... I loooove it. It's much bigger than my previous home, and even though it's still not that big, it's way more than enough for someone like me... and Usagi as well, of course. :333

So... here comes pictures of my new home! :D Welcome to the 50 shades of pink~Collapse )

And I thiiiink this was it, for now. Again, I am so so pleased with how it all turned out, and I am so in love with this apartment.

Hi there~


I've had the cold from utter hell for way too long now and it's still refusing to let go. :/ I've been home from work again almost this whole week, not even managing to take a single step out the door ever since I got home from work this Monday. I was back at work today and it probably wasn't that well thought throughr since I felt like crap the whole day, and even more so now since I got home. Stupid, stupid body. I am planning on finally catching up to everything I've missed these past few weeks having been so drained and ill. I already posted this on twitter as well, but as I said - if I ever promised to upload/whatever anything for you, please remind me, and I'll take care of it this weekend. ^^ I'm plannning on spending all weekend in my sofa, laptop in my lap and catch up on emails, donwloads, uploads, watch videos... So please, don't be shy - go ahead and nudge me and I'll upload everything I can this weekend! : DDDD

And also try to make some posts on this poor, neglected journal...

So I'll see you again soon, dearest f-list!: DDD


Beginning to end!

I started unpacking the boxes this Saturday so it's been a maaaad mess for a couple of days, especially since we are still doing some finishing touches on the renovations and redecorations! But it's tirning out sooo well, I am already so so pleased with it, but I just want it to be done already, lol! Me and friends and family have been working hard helping me with lamps, electricity, new tiles, new floor, a new wall, putting together the sofa, kitchen table and chairs and unpacking my SHITLOAD of stuff XDDD

But tonight I need a break, so I was only sorting through a few things before crashibg in the sofa and now I'm pretty much ready for bed right away, sooo... おやすみなさい~


Last night!

Last night was the very last night for me in my old apartment! On Friday I'm handing over the keys to the new owner. I'm feeling really nostalgic, I've hadso many nice moments in that apartment. My very first apartment, the first place that were truly mine! But it's time and I am so so happy with my new place! It was nice to start with but with these new changes... Ahhhh, it looks so so nice now, I'm loving it! Now to just take care of allll my boxes... XDDD

And all the new stuff I bought from IKEA and 800 other furniture stores. XDDD


I like to move it move it

Move is finally happening! :DDD

I got the keys on Friday afternoon so I've been there this weekend together with friends and family renovating, decorating and eeeveeything! I'm really planning on making it mineright away! :3 it's fuuun!

So far we've put up new floors in kitchen, living room and hallway, we've put in new kitchen counters and started changing the tiles over the sink to mosaic. And took down all the doors and drawers to send to a painter to repaint them in a different colour! And we put up all the masking tape so as soon as I arrive tomorrow I can start painting the walls! Wheeee, it's fun and it's coming along really quickly as well, so I really am super excited. ^^

Here have some photos of my current chaos:

Here you can see the new floor in the living room! :D though by now it's completely covered with paper since we're painting the walls tomorrow! ^^

Let me just warn you right away that there will probably be a lot of posts like these the upcoming weeks! Enjoy~


One week to go!

Tomorrow, it's exactly one week left until I get the key's to my new apartment! I want it to be NOW!

I've been looking at furnitures the past few days and I decided on what couch I'm going to buy and also my new kitchen table and I thiiiiink I want to buy a new bed as well! :DDD

Days, please go fasterrrrr! (For more than one reason - TAKITSUBA, PLEASE ANNOUNCE SOMETHING SOOOON]

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Tokyo foodporn :Q____

I have so many photos from Tokyo this time. (Though I didn't use my system camera a single time, even though I brought it! Uselessss~. So sadly all my photos are iphone photo quality, gomen m(___)m )

There are so many photos that I want to separate the posts somehow, and I was thinking I should start by posting some foodporn since this was probably the tastiest week of my life, lol! So expect lots of pictures of food and me raaambling on and on about food behind the cut!

Not that interesting, but my standard breakfast this time around! Melonpan (sweet white bread!) and orange juice. So brilliant to have a combini (small convenience store) in the hotel building, it made breakfast shopping extremely convenient. Which was good when we left the hotel room eaaarly every day and came home late late laaate every night.

Continue onto my Tokyo gourmet tour~Collapse )

Oh my goodness, this got so image heavy even though I only posted the food pictures! SORRY

And now I need to go and get some sleep, but making this post made me hungry. XDDD